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    My advice monster was delighted !
    She started telling me what was going on, and I started to pretend to listen because, quite frankly, my advice monster already knew exactly what I wanted to tell her.
    Finally, she finished so I was able to share my brilliant advice — — and make no mistake it was brilliant. But my advice went nowhere; my advice monster had sabotaged the conversation.

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      The problem isn’t with giving advice. Instead, the problem is when giving advice becomes our default response. There are three ways that advice giving goes bad.
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          We’re constantly feeding our advice monsters, and they’re insatiable. As soon as somebody starts talking, your advice monster looms up and goes “Oh, I’m going to add some value to this conversation, yes I am!” You need to learn to tame your advice monster, and in order to tame it, you have to understand it.

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