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    The City2Surf

    City2Surf – the day that I had spent months working towards did not begin well. I accidently looked myself in the garage. The plan was as simple as it was brilliant – leave my keys at home and sneak out through the garage while the rest of the family slept. Unfortunately my execution was poor. I forgot that the buzzer to the garage door was locked inside the car. I realised my mistake at the exact moment that I heard the “click” of the deadbolt from the house to the garage.
    I pondered my predicament for a couple of minutes before reluctantly resorting to the only real option – call Emma and ask her to let me out.
    I had a mild heart attack when my phone wasn’t in its usual pocket, but thankfully I did have it. I called Emma’s number and held my breath as I hoped her phone wasn’t on silent.
    Thankfully she answered and, although not yet able to fully appreciate the comedic value of the situation, she came to my rescue.

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      Well done mate truly awesome Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week.
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        I ran straight past the first water station. It was about 4 kilometers in and I knew I could get much further without a drink. The station was packed with runners seeking refreshment, so I felt good about giving it a miss.

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