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    Don’t fear intelligent machines. Work with them !
    We must face our fears if we want to get the most out of technology — and we must conquer those fears if we want to get the best out of humanity, says Garry Kasparov. One of the greatest chess players in history, Kasparov lost a memorable match to IBM supercomputer Deep Blue in 1997. Now he shares his vision for a future where intelligent machines help us turn our grandest dreams into reality.

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      Many people often worry about ai, and therefore there were many storytelling with the central story of ai, such as movies and dramas. But I think that’s the case with only the shortcomings of robots.
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        After all, the person who controls the ai is human and the person who makes it is human.
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          If we accept ai, we believe that there will be development and human safety in our science and many other fields. They can do things that are difficult for people to do, and they can develop them through various research. If you apply it well, it’s an area where you can make great progress.
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            Chess engines made a pretty fast evolution from funny programs to unbeatable monsters. None of us, humans, can stand a chance against… We play with them, we learn from them. One day they will solve chess as a game.
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              Intelligent machine is pleasant, irresistible and unavoidable trap or destiny of destruction of mankind.

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